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Locally Owned and operated, Painter Bros is an established Professional Painting business with over 15 years of unmatched expertise. Customer preference and priorities are always first. Our work is timely and attention to detail is never lost.

Painter Bros has built a reputation for quality work with each satisfied customer. Our sense of pride is apparent in every restoration we complete. Contact Painter Bros today and we will be with you every step of the way!

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Areas of Expertise

Interior Painting

Painting the interior of a space enhances the experience and is more appealing to the viewer. Your home or business is your own personal canvas, and you are the artist! Choosing what color paint and how the interior should be painted is completely up to you. We take pride in our ability to take a customer’s vision and bring it to life. We take it as a personal priority to walk through the project before we start painting to get a feel of what you are envisioning and explain in detail how we are going to achieve it. We use the best supplies and paint so that it will give you a lasting, fresh look for years to come!


The success of your business will depend on the face of your company. If a customer feels comfortable in the space they are invited into they will more likely feel inclined to spend their time and money there. As a business ourselves we understand the importance to a customer that their business look professional and attractive. That’s why we offer our professional service! We have worked with several companies over the years who have entrusted us to enhance their business space. We also offer to work with you continually so that whenever your business is in need of a touch up we are there to fix it.


The saying goes that if you look good, you feel good. No more cringing at the chipped paint or the weathered exterior, your friendly professional painters are here to save the day from embarrassment and worry! The exterior is the first impression a guest receives when they visit your home/business. It often conveys the expectation of what the rest of your space will be like. Consider what your exterior alludes and how you would like to update that view! However, looking fabulous takes a lot of time and dedication. It’s no secret that painting the exterior can be a time consuming and difficult process. It is our promise to every customer that we will take all the time needed to finish your project to your liking and approval. We use paint products that have the longest lasting finish so that you don’t have to worry the next time a storm comes causing damage to your paint. We share a mutual goal to make your space look amazing!


Painting cabinets is often times deemed a project that is too difficult, it takes a lot of effort and time. Many customers feel that it would be easier to scrap their old cabinets and buy new ones. But for us there is no job that is too hard, we paint so that you don’t have to! Cabinets offer many benefits, space to store your things and also it fills the room. Because it is such a big part of the room it offers a beautiful focal point. However, if it is a color that blends with the wall, or doesn’t compliment the rest of the room it loses its ability to enhance the space. As professionals, we are able to suggest colors and stains that will make your cabinets pop with color!


A house becomes a home when you make it your own, adding your style to it! We enjoy meeting with every customer to give them their estimate so that they can personally walk through their job with us pointing out all the important details. We see their personality shine through and their excitement to make this space their own. We especially love to see the transformation that takes place! It is our responsibility to ensure that a project be completed to it’s full potential. We personally take it upon ourselves to take our time to accomplish the desired outcome of the customer by using the best paint and paint supplies so that it can achieve the clean cut and professional look. We realize that painting your home can be a big project which can be difficult to plan around so we paint homes of those who are currently living there or have not yet moved in. And strive to do it in the most efficient way possible!


There are many different ways you can change up a space in your home/business, whether it’s by changing the paint, using a stain instead or a new design. We also offer a variety of specialty finishes such as glazing, faux finish, venitian plaster and epoxy. Each of these paint specialties increase the quality and add a different feel to the space.


Excellent customer service and painting. Would love to work with them again
— Karla Avila Google review


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